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Meyle designs new control arm for Tesla

Jan 30, 2024Jan 30, 2024

Component manufacturer Meyle will present an improved control arm for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y at Automechanika next week. More and more Tesla drivers had been complaining about squeaking noises in the Model 3 and Model Y, according to Meyle, so they fitted a solution.

According to the company from Hamburg, after numerous evaluations, they found the Tesla wishbone was not sufficiently protected from moisture due to its design. "Rain drains directly from the windscreen onto the control arm and penetrates the ball joint, which ultimately leads to the unwelcome, irritating squeaking sound and, in rare cases, can compromise steering precision," so Meyle.

The company responded by developing an "improved replacement part," says their release. They will spotlight the Meyle HD control arm for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y for the first time from 13 to 17 September at Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany.

Meyle says they designed the control arm from the ground up with four key modifications to the original part: the control arm body is now made of high-strength forged aluminium that improves stiffness and saves weight, a support joint design that does not allow water to penetrate, a ball joint with a larger diameter, and optimised bearing bushings.

"Being able to hold the first prototype of a future HD part in our hand after having identified a weakness, looked into the causes and performed development work and countless tests is a special moment for us every time," said Stefan Bachmann, Head of Chassis & Steering.

Meyle will make the new spare part available to Tesla drivers and workshops around the globe in early 2023. Meyle provides a four-year warranty on the control arm but has yet to state the price.

It is unclear whether the company is an official Tesla supplier. The carmaker has made no comment and it is best to double-check with your garage whether a replacement will affect any warranties.

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